Business Messenger

Business Messenger - Campaign manager for mobile marketing that works

Business Messenger

All-in-one platform for mobile marketing, 100% carrier neutral
Drive meaningful engagement with personalized communication

Business Messenger is a fully-featured campaign manager for sending personalized and timely messages via multiple channels like SMS, Telegram, Viber, etc. With its simple interface, powerful options, and the flexibility to choose your messaging provider, it is ideal for businesses of all types and sizes that look to reach their clients anywhere, anytime.

One messaging platform, a myriad of messaging channels







Keep your business moving forward - run effective mobile marketing campaigns, for yourself or your clients!

Whether you’re a small retail shop, a big enterprise, an advertising agency or a provider of messaging services, we’ve got you covered

Flexible contact manager

Scale-up with a well-organized customer information base. By collecting and storing all contact data relevant to your business, you will be well-equipped to deliver a relevant offering to targeted groups.

Laser-precise segmentation

Have a first-class conversation with your base, by segmenting your contact lists and sending highly personalized content to targeted groups. Develop and maintain tailored messaging experience to create lifetime value for customers.

Multi-channel messaging

Communicating with clients via their preferred channels significantly increases the performance of your message. Distribute your messages via SMS, web-push, Viber, Facebook, etc. to really get your message through.

Landing pages

Smartly designed landing pages with compelling calls to action is what guarantees conversions. Use our drag-and-drop editor to quickly and easily create beautiful landing pages from a scratch.

Event calendar

Don't miss the chance to schedule your events upfront and send the right message at the right time to your customers, which are valuable for them.

“Reseller” module

“Reseller” module is perfect for marketing agencies and providers of messaging services. It allows you to manage your customers’ campaigns on separate instances from a single interface and even to provide them with direct access to their own instances.

Award winning telecom and marketing software provider

HORISEN is a proud owner of multiple awards, including Best Innovative Software and Best Innovative Application Provider. Our dedication to providing the best possible environment for our clients to thrive in their business, combined with almost two decades of experience in messaging business and marketing expertise has valuable recognition and is awarded and recognizable worldwide. And that's why HORISEN is an unbeatable partner in exploring the messaging world.

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