Business Messenger

Business Messenger - Feel the heart of well-executed campaigns

All-in-one platform for mobile marketing.

Business Messenger has all the features needed for running mobile marketing campaigns that work. It allows you to store and manage customer data, segment marketing lists, craft personalized messages and landing pages, automate campaign sending, and much more from a single place.

Contacts Manager

Business Messenger comes with a sophisticated contacts manager that can be used for storing and managing all customer data relevant to your business.

  • Store unlimited data points for unlimited number of contacts
  • Add unlimited number of custom fields
  • Add and update contacts via file upload, our API or automatically via sign-up forms
  • See all contacts or filter them out based on a variety of different criteria – demographic info like country, gender, title, or interests and preferences
  • Automatically update subscribers’ status and preferences

Segmentation Wizard

Segmentation Wizard allows marketers to categorize contacts on a number of criteria to build highly targeted marketing lists.

  • Use a wide range of filtering possibilities to categorize contacts with high granularity
  • Create multi-rule segmentation templates
  • Create different audiences and save them for repeated use
  • Use subscription preferences or custom field data for laser-precise segmentation

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager allows users to create and execute multiple campaigns quickly and easily.

  • Use a highly intuitive interface to build and send out messaging campaigns in only 5 easy steps
  • Craft message templates and save them for repeated use
  • Distribute your messages via different channels, like SMS, web-push, Viber, Telegram, etc.
  • Easily add opt-in/opt-out forms, trusted short links and landing pages to your messages
  • Thoroughly test campaigns before sending
  • See detailed campaigns statistics

Landing Page Manager

In just a few clicks begin to funnel people to the type of content they desire by creating engaging pathways through your campaigns. Give your offers a place to live and get more conversions.

  • Use drag and drop editor to create landing pages in just a few simple steps or
  • Write your own HTML code
  • Add blocks of content and edit all content blog elements easily
  • See all the changes you make in real time

Business Messenger for agencies and messaging service providers

Set up client accounts, define customized pricing packages and start profiting from your marketing and messaging services

Business Messenger brings a high level of automation, so it’s easy to tap into the landscape of multiple accounts. It’s highly accessible to pivot quickly throughout the platform and manage all campaigns from a single place. With absolute control over the execution and tracking, no matter the shape and size of accountable accounts - profit from every campaign on your terms.

Administration portal

Manage all your clients’ campaigns from a single place or let them create and track their own campaigns and pay you commission for every message sent.

  • View all customer accounts in one place
  • Define custom pricing packages for each of your customers
  • Provide clients with a secure web-based interface for planning, sending and tracking campaigns
  • Manage all customer invoices in one place
  • Use message log to support your customers


Manage your entire finance from a single place

  • See credit balance and easily top up credits
  • Set up different pricelists to be used by multiple customers
  • Automatically invoice clients


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