Business Messenger

Business Messenger: Reseller module

Business Messenger:

Mobile marketing platform for messaging service providers and digital marketing agencies, 100% vendor neutral and with the flexibility to choose your own messaging provider.

Our neutrality as a vendor is the foundation of our business model – delivering you the choice, control and resilience. By equipping you with the best in class solution, we do not compete with you – the decision is yours among all providers who are competing to deliver the best options.

HORISEN Business Messenger comes with a reseller module, which allows messaging service providers and digital marketing agencies to offer their messaging services to businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries.


HORISEN Business Messenger is 100% vendor-neutral platform, meaning that we provide you with software only. We do not offer messaging services ourselves as we do not want to compete with our software clients.

Grow your business with our robust, scalable and intuitive messaging software that will make your customers happy.

With a web-based campaign manager, you can easily leverage the power of A2P messages.  Business Messenger helps your customers run mobile marketing campaigns from a single place, allowing you to profit from every single message they send.

And remember, happy customers

Ready to profit from your customers’ campaigns?