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HORISEN Business Messenger – amplifier of long-term business performance

Optimise business processes with this powerful digitalisation tool

Get your message through to your clients - anytime, anywhere, via any channel

5+ Billion mobile phone users – and rising

91% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7

98% is the mobile messages’ open rate

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received

6-8 x higher engagements rates than other mediums

HORISEN Business Messenger is tailor-made for YOU!

Designed for businesses of any size and type to take the messaging business to the next level. Engage your target audience, decrease the loss of dissemination and reach your audience any time with HORISEN Business Messenger. 


With this incredibly capable tool, get the attention of your customers exactly when you want to - send info about promotions, distribute coupon codes, invite them to participate in your events, loyalty products, or to check out new launches. Maintain closeness by personalization with your clients, no matter how many of those you’ve got. Power every business conversation – engage customers quickly and keep them long term.


Mobile communication is the most powerful medium for retailers because its use drives awareness, sales, and customer retention. Messaging goes hand-in-hand with customers because it is direct, immediate, and inclusive, and enables retailers to carry out massive and effective marketing campaigns. Keep customers in-the-know with alerts on new arrivals, trends, promotions, catalog updates, and exclusive offers, share discounts, and incentives through a loyalty program, or welcome subscribers.

Real estate

Real estate companies and their agents can use mobile messaging to quickly reach clients with valuable property information or price drop notifications that need to be delivered in timely manner. Ask your potential buyers to opt-in to receive notifications on their mobile via SMS, Telegram, Viber, etc. and send them useful data or images of the properties they might be interested in. Reach them with exclusive price reductions to close more sales.

Hospitals and private practices

Getting the message directly into the hands of your patients in real-time will help your clinic or practice to save time and money in various ways. Appointment reminder alerts will increase work efficiency by cutting down “no-shows” at your clinic. Patients will be informed about working hours, or medical matters such as new medical breakthroughs, services, or diseases. Weekly health tips are a great way to maintain a good relationship with patients.


Hotels can leverage the power of mobile messaging in the front line of delivering remarkable experience during the whole customer journey - from sending various promotional content to prospects and existing clients, to reservation reminders, check-in & check-out hours, cancellation policies, special offers, directions, image galleries, etc. Send exclusive early-bird offers to your visitors to get more bookings, or impact your revenue with upsell offers during visits.

Clubs and restaurants

Night clubs will benefit if they regularly send events announcements, concert info, or special offers available. Restaurants will increase revenue by being in touch with customers with well-timed promo - including discounting entry or drink specials. Keeping a database of contacts and customers updated on your new menus and dishes, attract sales with exclusive deals, or availability of texting reservations service will empower their loyalty.

Hair and beauty salons

Enjoy the benefits of the ease of texting - it’s intimate, it’s accessible, it’s immediate,like time spent in saloons. Texting will give you the power to engage and retain current customers, as well as share deals that can drive new customers to your business. Make or send appointment reminders, inform your clients about the new services you are offering, give them discounts to be the first to try them out.

Clothing stores

Keep the communication personalized like your customers personalize their style with your brand. Provide them something they are going to remember – a great experience and nourish loyalty by starting frequent customer programs and sending birthday gifts. Keep them posted by sending out special offers, discounts, mobile coupons & vouchers; notify them of newly stocked items or implement QR codes to direct them to your website. Create and evolve with their growing stickiness with your brand.

Car dealerships

Communicate with your unique audience easily via text messages. No matter if they are customers, prospects, or other beneficiaries, provide them with the latest car deals and offers and maximize outreach to sell more. Ensure smooth leads interaction by sending helpful car tips, alerts about new car inventory, and more.

Government and public services

Governments, government agencies, and public services can use mobile messaging to educate their communities and to inform people about local news, events or vital service info. You can deliver important critical alerts, help your community understand law regulations or motivate voters to register for the elections.

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